“It’s about diverting some of the money from the emergency service to long-term support and secure accommodation,” Eoin O’Sullivan said. Photograph: Alan Betson.

The target to end homelessness by 2016 can be achieved if funding is diverted from expensive emergency accommodation to long-term sustainable homes, (...)

Ruth Coppinger: Government must act immediately on housing crisis. Photograph: Eric Luke

A national housing rights campaign will intensify in coming weeks and months, a number of homeless families and political activists have said, followi(...)

A conference in Dublin heard how people were sacrificing quality of life to meet mortgage obligations, with homeowners selling belongings, cars and furniture, or going without food to ensure they kept up repayments.

The next “big wave” of homelessness is likely to come among former home-owners as repossessions “escalate” from this summer onwards, a conference i(...)

A new homelessness is emerging, growing in number and with children at the centre of it. Where the homeless population has traditionall(...)

Sabrina McMahon with her children Karl (5), Chelsea (1) and Michaela (3) photographed in the bath of a hotel. A member of the public has booked her in to the hotel while she gets permanent accomodation. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

A new and growing crisis of homelessness among families “is bloody awful and is going to get worse”, the deputy director of the Dublin Region Homel(...)