The key is not to put all your eggs in the one basket.

1 Early start  Make no mistake, the starting point is the most important point when it comes to pensions. And the earlier you get things s(...)

Journalist Gavin Sheridan: attempted to use European environmental legislation to extract  information from Nama.

A dispute between a journalist and Nama over the meaning of the word “including” has spent four years travelling through the Irish courts with a final(...)

Alan Kelly: “It is important that RAS tenants are informed of their obligations without raising any unnecessary concerns.” Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has acknowledged the language used in a letter sent by local authorities to Rent Allowance Supplement (RAS) te(...)

Poor old Supervalu appears to have fallen fowl of predictive text this morning when it sent out a promotional text message to thousands of its custome(...)

In percentage terms, the biggest beneficiaries will be those with a gross income of less than €12,000. Photograph:  iStockPhoto

This was the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan’s, fourth budget, but the first to leave at least some people marginally better off. Mr Noonan’s lat(...)

The dual hits of water charges and property tax will take the annual net gains for even the biggest budget beneficiaries to less than €100

Irish families could be better off by more than €800 next year once all the budget changes announced yesterday are totted up.However, before burning t(...)

A 40 cent increase on the price of 20 cigarettes will bring the cost of most packs to over €10. File photograph: Bloomberg 6:13

When it comes to raising money in the Budget, the Old Reliables don’t appear to be so reliable any more after the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan (...)

What does Budget 2015 have in store? Follow all the action as it unfolds on Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Follow Budget 2015 on where our journalists will be bringing you the latest news and analysis throughout the day. Follow Budget 2015(...)

The director of the ISI Lorcan O’Connor said he was disappointed that the bank’s rejection rate was so high

Banks that “irrationally” reject realistic insolvency applications made by distressed borrowers will be named and shamed by the Insolvency Service of (...)

The Hairy Baby version of the T-shirt at the centre of the row (above right), which is purple, features an old punt coin image encircled by the phrase “Sound as a pound” in white lettering.  The Dunnes Stores T-shirt (above left) is also purple and features a coin circled by the phrase “Sound as a pound” in white lettering.

A David and Goliath battle could be played out in the courts in the months ahead after a small online T-shirt business accused one of the State’s larg(...)