There has been a “massive” increase in the number of energy drink products on sale in Ireland with some containing nearly 17 teaspoons of sugar per 50(...)

A patient waits in a stretcher trolley inside the emergency services unit of the Saint-Joseph hospital in Paris, on August 20, 2013.  AFP PHOTO / PIERRE ANDRIEU        (Photo credit should read PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images)

Hospitals are becoming “overwhelmed” by large numbers of patients presenting with flu symptoms and flood-related injuries, Minister for Health Leo Var(...)

The average portion size of a chicken tikka masala main course contained 1,249 calories, almost two-thirds of the guideline daily amount (GDA). Photograph: Getty Images

Eating a typical Indian takeaway meal of a starter, main course and pilau rice can contain far more calories than an adult’s total daily requi(...)

‘Operation Transformation’ 2015 leaders with Kathryn Thomas: research by Safefood shows the programme inspired a social movement across the country.

A survey by Safefood indicates that the RTÉ reality TV show Operation Transformation appears to have had a positive impact on the nation’s health. The(...)

No, it’s not just you. While some chocolate bars have shrunk in size, bakeries are churning out bigger and bigger muffins, Danish pastries, doughnuts (...)

Women increase their portion sizes when they eat with men because they don’t want to appear to be mean with food or give the impression that they cons(...)

Junior masterchefs: junior finalist Maeve McManus and senior finalist Jordan Harrison taking part in Safefood’s Takeaway My Way all-Ireland competition

Most young people know that they need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and that processed and sugary foods aren’t good for them. They’ve been told(...)

Brendan Mullins (7) from Clonsilla and Alannah Kelly (7) from Ashbourne at the launch of the ‘Let’s say no’ campaign. Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

‘An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure” is how the Oxford dictionary defines a “treat”.That’s certainly not the 140 sm(...)

“Women’s familial role is mostly characterised by their task as the main food provider, and cooking rather occurs as an obligation than as a pleasure.”

Food and cooking skills are still largely the preserve of women, according to a new report by Safefood, the all-island healthy eating and food safety(...)

Golfer Paul McGinley and his father, Michael, who had blocked arteries and underwent a quadruple heart bypass.

Men have been conditioned from a young age to hold their tears and “be a man” whenever they’re in pain or feel scared. So it’s hardly surprising when (...)