Apple CEO Tim Cook with the Apple Watch that is operated by a digital crown at an Apple event in San Francisco. Photograph:  Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Looking at the Apple Watch lineup, the most eye catching of the three versions is the Watch Edition. But this gold version of the Apple Watch will set(...)

You may think that you have all the basics of security covered, with a firewall, antivirus and a bit of common sense to make sure that your internet-c(...)

The Garmin Vivofit 2.

The wearable tech sector is a crowded one these days, and if CES 2015 is anything to go by, that’s not going to change any time soon. Garmin has expan(...)

‘This is its worst crime yet.” The crime in question is making us miss the start of one of Liverpool’s crucial Premier League games. The perpetrato(...)

 Travellers watch the World Cup on a giant screen in the main hall of the central railway station in Rotterdam, Netherlands. How big a screen can you fit into your living room? Photograph: EPA/Lex van Lieshout

The big day is fast approaching – the World Cup final takes place on Sunday and if you are a football fan, chances are you want to make the most of it(...)

Some evil mice, a kidnapped cat and a buddy who is willing to step up and try to save him: good ingredients that make an even better game. The shoot-’(...)

Microsoft has done a u-turn on its support for Windows XP - at least for the recently discovered flaw in its Internet Explorer browser. The vulnerabil(...)


Instant messaging apps are two a penny (or cent), but there are few that offer really innovative features for users. FireChat aims to change th(...)


Imagine a social network that instead of connecting you friends, allows you to actively avoid them. That’s what Cloak is. Billing itself as the ant(...)

Workers walk past a Mobile World Congress banner in Barcelona. The GSMA Mobile World Congress will take place this week. Photograph: Reuters

The biggest names in the mobile industry are gathering in Spain this week to reveal their plans and products for the upcoming year. The annual (...)