O’Donoghue’s became famous in the early 1960s when acts such as The Dubliners began performing there regularly

O’Donoghue’s, the legendary traditional music bar that was once a regular haunt of the Dubliners and Christy Moore, recorded a sharp rise in accumulat(...)

Baby booming: the staff of Portland Hospital with glam new mum Lu Hui

Aside from the baby bit, my maternity-hospital memories include my new runners being stolen from under the bed and the Grand National being on the TV (...)

Christy Moore: ‘Journey’ focuses on the stories behind his best-known songs.

“The old ballad singer used to carry the news,” says Christy Moore, neatly explaining his life’s mission in the two-part documentary Christy Moore: Jo(...)

Nicky Kelly, who was arrested in connection with the Sallins train robbery. a crime he had no part in. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

The celebrated civil rights lawyer Paul O’Dwyer had done everything he could to persuade a desperately homesick Nicky Kelly, who had been sentenced to(...)

Emma Dabiri. Photograph: David M Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

I grew up singing Irish rebel songs. One of the first ones I learned, which seared an impression on my young mind, was James Connolly. In the haunti(...)

Joe joined the Christian Brothers in 1981 and lived in St Helen’s in Dublin – then a monastery – until he left the congregation in 1987. “I was ver(...)

If you’re Irish, then at some point on March 17th you may feel moved to song. It can intensify the emotions you’re feeling about the motherland and h(...)

Graham Barrett: ‘What is most frustrating is that the reasons we are so far behind are as clear as day. Our structures are outdated and they have been failing us for a long time, yet we still dance around the subject and pretend that we are doing something, when the reality is that we are not doing nearly enough.’

I believe there are huge issues at grassroots/underage level within Irish football - issues that are either not given enough recognition, underplayed (...)

The Slí na gCopaleen, as it’s called, starts on Friday in the village of Derrybeg

In the original Irish, Gort a’ Choirce was just a field of oats, literally. But the Donegal village that has since grown up where the cereal used to b(...)

Peter Sutherland is a vocal and sincere proponent for the rights of refugees, but his previous posts, at the head of the  World Trade Organisation and Goldman Sachs International, hardly mark him out as an instinctive champion of the downtrodden. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Amid all the consumption of the Christmas season, it’s still possible to hear a seasonal message of hope, goodwill and generosity on the airwaves. Whi(...)