Me time: Sarah Bannan writes each day from 4.30am to 6.30am. “At that time nobody can disturb me – not my husband or my daughter or my email, nor even social media.” Illustration: CSA/Getty

I write in a tiny crawl space in my one-bedroom cottage every morning from 4.30am to 6.30am. At that time nobody can disturb me – not my husband or(...)

Christine Dwyer Hickey: “In its energy and sweep, her Dublin trilogy resembles the 19th-century novel, but Tatty establishes Dwyer Hickey firmly in the modernist tradition.” Photograph: Eric Luke

When I read Christine Dwyer Hickey’s Dublin trilogy, I was impressed by her vigour and by the breadth of her imagination. Those qualities were impr(...)

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Ireland will get its first Laureate for Fiction in January 2015, chosen from a longlist of 34 writers announced recently. The €150,000 laureateship(...)

John Banville tackles perhaps the gallery’s most famous piece, Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ (1602). His meticulous, erudite account somehow makes us see an overly familiar masterpiece anew.

In 1944 George Bernard Shaw wrote from England to Thomas Bodkin, a former director of the National Gallery of Ireland, to ask whether the institution (...)

Jon McGregor, Evie Wyld and Donal Ryan

Earlier in this series, we discussed the idea of outlining, of sketching a rough trajectory for your story. Structure is a lynchpin for some writer(...)

Sophia Hillan: conveys the charm and imagination of a five-year-old in Belfast

The Friday Tree starts with a statement in French. “Elle est absolument pure . . . ” It may be more or less franglais, but still: to present that cruc(...)

Cait Corkery’s appropriately encumbered set appears to shrink before us as rooms in the house become inaccessible to the men
Review: Snow Angels

Snow Angels Project Arts Centre, Dublin **** Christine Dwyer Hickey’s first play is a daring endeavour. Into a grubby bungalow with bars(...)

Christine Dwyer Hickey watches actors Michael Hough and Desmond Hickey at rehearsals for Snow Angels. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

‘He’s a rabbit that has stage experience,” author Christine Dwyer Hickey explains. “He’s quite laid-back for a rabbit.” The rabbit she i(...)