A Heathrow flight information screen is shown above a television screen reporting the Ebola outbreak at Heathrow Airport in London, yesterday. Heathrow Airport has begun Ebola screening, whereby passengers will have their temperatures tested for the Ebola virus. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Ireland is well prepared for an Ebola outbreak. We are far from the epicentre of the current outbreak in west Africa and there are no direct flights b(...)

An ambulance is prepared by Colm Murphy at Tara Street fire station in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Delays in ambulance response times have been much in the news recently and, while there may be a number of contributing factors, a significant (...)

Cancer patient Aodh Rua: “I’m the one guy in the chemo ward not getting sick and moaning about the horrible treatment. I wish the rest of those beside me could feel the same but we are limited by the law.” Photograph: Provision

‘I live at home with my dad and I smoke weed in front of him and it doesn’t faze him in the least. There is no taboo with it anymore,” explains Paulin(...)