Charlie Sheen waits on the set of the Today Show before formally announcing that he is HIV positive in an interview.  Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images 0:38

Much has changed since the terrifying rise of HIV and Aids in the 1980s – most obviously, sophisticated treatments for the virus means it is a chronic(...)

Charlie Sheen says his HIV diagnosis is ‘a hard three letters to absorb.’ Photograph: Anthony Harvey/PA Wire 0:38

Former Two and A Half Men star Charlie Sheen said on Tuesday he is HIV positive. Sheen (50) told NBC’s Today show that he was diagnosed about f(...)

Charlie Sheen has been married three times and has five children. Photograph: Fred Prouser/Reuters

Hollywood star Charlie Sheen is to make a “revealing personal announcement” on the Today show on Tuesday, according to broadcaster NBC, following repo(...)

Aaron Paul: dreams of being born. Photograph: Robbie Reynolds

Michael Keaton in Batman or Michael Keaton in Birdman? Oh man. Michael Keaton in everything.   What is the most common thing for y(...)

Entertainment lawyer Martin Singer, who has previously represented John Travolta,  has reportedly accused Google of “making millions and profiting from the victimisation of women.” Photograph: Getty Images

Lawyers for some of the celebrities whose private photos were released by hackers are threatening to sue Google on behalf of unnamed clients for $100 (...)

Fame or Shame? Many of the controversial baseball figures  remain steadfastly perched on the ‘never-tested-positive’ rampart.

Knowing little about baseball, and caring even less, it was only Charlie Sheen’s doleful eve-of-marriage declaration that he was about to “ship the pe(...)

‘I’ve been at home in Los Angeles for the past two months with nothing on but the two kids,” says Colin Farrell as he stretches into his chair. “He(...)

You know there’s trouble at t’mill when a leading business magazine weighs in on the Justin Bieber-unravelling-in-front-of-our eyes-saga with t(...)