Middle-class expectations of an inheritance based on the value of the family home may no longer be valid as people live longer and use family home to fund cost of care.

Changes to the “generational contract” between parents and their children have the potential to “lock in” a new class divide between those who have pr(...)

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton arriving at Leinster House, Dublin. Photograph: Stephen Collins/Collins

Wrestling with the various combinations and permutations, there is little confidence among politicians around Leinster House that what will finally em(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny  at Custom House Quay, Dublin. File photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

If you listen carefully, you can hear an extraordinary admission: Fine Gael is owning up that its election manifesto was a scam. It’s not saying thi(...)

The Hapenny Bridge. Photograph: Rafael Elias/Getty Images

The day after last month’s general election, a Fine Gael Minister attributed his party’s poor showing to the “Dublin 4 brigade”. Too much attention w(...)

Originally from Co Limerick, Larry Wren led the Garda for almost five years, being appointed to the most senior post in the force in February 1983 and retiring in November 1987.

Former Garda commissioner Larry Wren has died aged 93. Originally from Co Limerick, Mr Wren led the Garda for almost five years, being appointed to t(...)

The president has the discretion to refuse to dissolve the Dáil where the taoiseach has ceased to retain the support of a majority. File photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Being president of Ireland is an unusual job. Candidates need to be political animals – it would be rather difficult to be elected to the office other(...)

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin was approached by TDs seeking reassurance he is not contemplating coalition with Fine Gael, and he was said to be resolute in his determination he would not do so. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Usually when one force surrounds another and hopes to flush it out, an element of the siege involves throwing deeply unpleasant items over the enemy’s(...)

As regards the question of making major appointments, when Mr Reynolds, as caretaker, in 1994, filled two casual vacancies in the Seanad and appointed an Irish consul in Pakistan.Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

One of the few things, which does seem relatively certain amidst the encircling gloom of uncertainty is that, come Thursday evening, we shall have a c(...)

What is needed now is for politicians, particularly the leadership of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, to be big and imaginative enough to think outside the box. File photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

It is not as difficult as they all seem to think to get a stable and workmanlike government based on the results of the general election. They just ne(...)

Tony Gregory’s deal with former taoiseach Charles Haughey was read into the Dáil record to some shock in 1982.

One healthy feature of Irish democracy is that election outcomes are not always predictable and can push parties and others outside their normal comfo(...)