Garry Hynes and Martha O’Neill after their civil partnership ceremony  in Galway yesterday. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Druid Theatre artistic director Garry Hynes and film producer Martha O’Neill have become civil partners at a private function in Galway. Druid’s Mick (...)

Former RTÉ producer Betty Purcell: “The feather-bedding of income at the top of RTÉ, while low-paid staff carry the burden, is a travesty of justice.” Photograph: David Sleator

In her just-published memoir, Inside RTÉ , vetera(...)

Broadcaster Pat Kenny: He spanned both entertainment and current affairs, though he was  more suited to the latter

Pat Kenny was, for many years, the perfect man for RTÉ and theirs was a 41-year-marriage with more ups than downs. He spanned both entertainmen(...)

Proinsias Ó Conluain’s contribution to Irish broadcasting has been described as “immense”.

The broadcaster and writer Proinsias Ó Conluain, who has died aged 93, played a major role in preserving and promoting the Irish language and heritage(...)