Lorraine Sweeney: says she will file a legal case against the liquidation

Seller Gordon Brothers The two main Gordon Brothers executives who were directors of Clerys are Malcom MacAulay, a veteran financial expert who sourc(...)

The military pensions archives  provide a definitive answer to the question which has been the butt of many jokes over the generations - how many were in the GPO during Easter Week? The answer is 508.  File photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

After almost 100 years we may at last have the definitive answer to an age-old question - how many were “out” in 1916? The figure is 2,558 involved o(...)

Temple Street hospital was on the periphery of the fighting during Easter Week 1916 and the nuns who ran it struggled to care for the wounded.

A compelling account of how a Dublin hospital became caught up in the Easter Rising has been discovered in the archives of an order of nuns. Temple S(...)

The Irish Army No 1 Band (in black) and the Band of the King’s Division (red)  played together at the British ambassador’s annual summer party at his residence in Dublin last night.

It would have seemed impossible in previous decades but last night members of a British army band and the Irish Army No 1 Band came together to perfor(...)

Minister for Justice, Equality & Defence Alan Shatter performing a ministerial review of the 43rd Infantry Group before their departure for a tour of peacekeeping duty in the Golan Heights in Syria. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Irish troops have all the training and specialist equipment they need to deal with any possible chemical warfare incident during their deployment to S(...)

John Brennan outside Jurys Christchurch. Photograph: Eric Luke

If you were in the vicinity of Jurys Inn’s hotels in the London districts of Chelsea or Islington early last Thursday week, you might have seen the co(...)

The half-empty Findlater House on O’Connell Street in Dublin 1 is to be offered for sale at a knockdown price on behalf of Nama. Keith O(...)