German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble after making his speech, near German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in the Bundestag in Berlinon Friday. Photograph: EPA

Through gritted teeth, and for very different reasons, a comfortable majority of German parliamentarians backed a four-month extension to the Greek EU(...)

Germany’s economics minister urges an end to the “phantom” of tax avoidance  Photograph: Reuters

German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel has warned that countries that permit large-scale corporate tax avoidance “take an axe to European solidarity(...)

Carsten Schneider: the SPD  finance spokesman said any move to recapitalise Irish banks would require all ESM member states to approve additional funding for the purpose. “That will never happen,” he said. Photograph:  Thomas Koehler/Getty Images

Senior Bundestag figures in Berlin have said the ESM bailout fund’s new power to recapitalise banks – in the future and retroactively – is a political(...)

Closing the door on the EU/IMF programme ends three difficult years for Ireland, but also for the Irish in Germany. For years, Germany registered no m(...)

Keeping Germany posted: under financial pressure in 2005, Germany decided to sell (securitise) a future income stream from the privatisation of its post office in Dublin because Ireland was a centre for securitisation and its tax situation was more favourable

The innovative idea came a decade ago. Germany was the sick man of Europe, trapped in a vicious circle of negligible growth and spiralling debt, and g(...)

Press conferences of Germany’s economic advisory council are usually a sober affair. The group’s official German name, the Sachverständigenrat, is suc(...)

Carsten Schneider said direct recapitalisations should only be available in future for countries participating in a European programme to tax financial transactions. Photograoh: Thomas Koehler/Photothek via Getty Images

Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) has ruled out supporting retrospective bank recapitalisation if the party enters a grand coalition under Chanc(...)

Members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) arrive for preliminary coalition talks with Germany’s conservative (CDU/CSU) parties at the Parliamentary Society in Berlin today. Photograph: Reuters

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) have vowed to put Ireland’s corporate tax rate and its opposition to an EU financial transaction tax onto the agenda (...)

The main focus of the SPD’s concern appears to be Angela Merkel’s support for the use of the European Stability Mechanism to directly recapitalise ailing banks across the euro zone

Reports that Ireland’s tax policy has become an issue in coalition talks in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the cen(...)

Leading members of the German Christian Democrats (CDU), including Chancellor Angela Merkel andHorst Seehofer (right of Merkel), chairman of the bavrian Christian Democrats (CSU), arrive for talks over a possible government coalition with the German Greens Party yesterday in Berlin. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

Ireland’s corporate tax regime and the Government’s claim for further bank aid from Europe has been sucked into talks on the formation of the next Ge(...)