Merriman Summer School  speaker Dr Carol Coulter: “No epidemic of middle-aged and middle-class men abandoning their wives.”  Photograph: Frank Miller

The referendums that introduced divorce and marriage equality have only been tinkering at the edges of the vision of family life in the Irish Consti(...)

John Banville, Eavan Boland (pictured above) and John Montague are among the line-up for a Yeats 150th anniversary event at the National Concert Hall next month.

Rebellion at Stinging Fly The deadline for submissions to The Stinging Fly February 2016 issue is this Friday, August 14th. In the Wake of the (...)

The cases reported by the Child Care Law Reporting Project today include stories of minors who were unable to find suitable treatment in Ireland when seeking to return home from facilities in other jurisdictions.

Care orders were issued earlier this year for infants who were offered for online sexual abuse and exposed to an environment where hard drugs were pr(...)

The “Second Interim Report” from the Child Care Law Reporting Project monitored child care proceedings over an 11-month period to mid-July. Photograph: Getty Images

One of the most common reasons for the Child and Family Agency moving to take children into care is that their parents have a disability, a major r(...)

The Irish Courts Service plans to introduce a recording template for all District Courts. Photograph: Getty Images/Comstock Images

The likelihood of the courts agreeing to place children into care varies significantly from area to area, with many District Courts consenting to all(...)

When discussing same- sex marriage we must be careful that we do not attribute the character of universal truth to forms of marriage and family(...)

Former Supreme Court judge Anthony Hederman, who has died aged 92, was described at his funeral by former chief justice John Murray as “earnest and pa(...)

There are dramatic variations in the number of childcare orders being sought in the courts in different parts of the country, new figures show.The fig(...)

Ombudsman for Children Emily Logan who is investigating the  circumstances of the Garda and social services’ handling of the case, and a similar case in the midlands.  Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Gardaí and social services objected to a blonde-haired Roma girl being returned to her family due to concerns over her real identity and because they (...)

Ombudsman for Children Emily Logan: investigating the circumstances of the Garda and social services’ handling of the case

Gardaí objected to a Roma child being returned to her family following concerns over her identity and because they feared she was a “flight risk”.Deta(...)