When discussing same- sex marriage we must be careful that we do not attribute the character of universal truth to forms of marriage and family(...)

Former Supreme Court judge Anthony Hederman, who has died aged 92, was described at his funeral by former chief justice John Murray as “earnest and pa(...)

There are dramatic variations in the number of childcare orders being sought in the courts in different parts of the country, new figures show.The fig(...)

Ombudsman for Children Emily Logan who is investigating the  circumstances of the Garda and social services’ handling of the case, and a similar case in the midlands.  Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Gardaí and social services objected to a blonde-haired Roma girl being returned to her family due to concerns over her real identity and because they (...)

Ombudsman for Children Emily Logan: investigating the circumstances of the Garda and social services’ handling of the case

Gardaí objected to a Roma child being returned to her family following concerns over her identity and because they feared she was a “flight risk”.Deta(...)

Weighing the evidence: but is a court the best place to decide delicate matters concerning the welfare of children and families?

The interim report on the Child Care Law Reporting Project provides a valuable opportunity for a real debate about taking children into care. For the (...)

Lack of space, privacy and dignity. Direct provision shames Ireland. Photograph:  Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

The system for claiming asylum in Ireland is broken. Carl O’Brien’s reports in The Irish Times over the last few weeks shine a light on simply one of (...)

If Garda evidence is found wanting, courts can refuse to make an emergency care order.

The power of the State to remove children from their families is a draconian one, impinging on the constitutional rights of the family and on the welf(...)

Dr Carol Coulter, the director the Child Care Law Reporting Project,  which was established last year to examine and report on childcare proceedings. Photograph: Alan Betson

A judge expressed criticism of accommodation for asylum seekers after he ordered that an eight-year-old girl – who was born in the direct provision sy(...)

The Minister for Justice has embarked on an ambitious programme of reform of family law, an area neglected by legislators for decades, leading to crow(...)