Many groups offer bereaved parents and siblings support

Christmas is a lonely time for bereaved parents who often find the run-up to the day, with all the accompanying anticipation, more difficult than the(...)

‘As a bereaved parent, my thoughts were first for these young people’s mums and dads, brothers and sisters as they start their tough journey through the intense grief and loss. Our thoughts are still with them.’ Above, one of  many messages and bouquets of flowers left near the scene of the fourth-floor balcony collapse  in Berkeley, California. EPA/PETER DASILVA

The death of a precious child of any age goes against the law of nature. In an ideal world adult children bury their elderly parents who have lived a (...)

Steal away to write that novel
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  • March 16, 2013, 06:00

In 1998 Sue Booth-Forbes, an American teacher, writer and editor who had been running creative retreats on a voluntary basis in Boston, decided(...)