Video upload service Youtube celebrates its tenth anniversary today. File photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Valentine’s Day, ten whole meme-littered years ago. Can you remember what you were doing? Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim do. They were invent(...)

Róisín Ingle with Gay Byrne in The Irish Times studio

Gay Byrne has said he supports marriage rights for gay couples and expects the forthcoming referendum on the issue to pass.“Yes, I think it’s long ove(...)

Sr Mai Pender: God is the “most beautiful, lovely, kind man”. Photograph: Alan Betson

Stephen Fry, the English actor, writer and television presenter, made headlines this week by describing God as “utterly monstrous”, “totally selfis(...)

Ray D’Arcy: any qualms that he might steer clear of contentious issues are dispelled on his second day

Hosting the afternoon slot on the nation’s biggest radio station may be a new start for Ray D’Arcy, but, less than a week in, he is slipping into o(...)

Stephen Fry has defended his statements on Gay Byrne’s show, The Meaning of Life . Photograph: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Stephen Fry has defended his statements on Gay Byrne’s RTE show, The Meaning of Life . Speaking to Colin Paterson on the BBC Radio 4’s Today show, whe(...)

CORRECT: Gay Byrne was in the news because of Stephen Fry’s views on God in The Meaning of Life

It’s February. Time to look at Old Moore’s predictions for January, as published in Old Moore’s Almanac 2015 and see if any of them came even mildl(...)

The newly elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland Reverend Ian McNie said the church would have his full support if it elects a woman moderator within the next few years. Photograph: PA

The newly elected moderator designate of the Presbyterian church in Ireland has said he feels “sorry” for Stephen Fry after he described God as utterl(...)

Ray D’Arcy pictured as he started his new afternoon show on RTÉ Radio 1 at the RTÉ Radio Centre in Donnybrook, Dublin this afternoon. Photograph: Brian McEvoy

Ray D’Arcy’s defection from Today FM to RTÉ late last year caught everyone off-guard, but nearly two months after the news broke one would think that (...)

Comedian Stephen Fry told Gay Byrne that he considers god to be “utterly evil, capricious and monstrous” should he exist. Fry makes the remarks during his appearance on the broadcaster’s The Meaning of Life programme. Photograph: Simon Annand/The Irish Times

Comedian and writer Stephen Fry has provoked a strong reaction to his comments on the notion of god, whom he said he would consider “utterly evil, cap(...)

Hits and misses: Brendan O’Carroll in Mrs Brown’s Boys

Even the most flapperphobic viewer can see the appeal of Downton Abbey (UTV) on Christmas Day. Nothing much happens that we haven’t seen versions of b(...)