When it comes to fraud, “The actual computer part of the ATM is surprisingly open.”

More than a decade ago, I attended an excellent talk by well-known cryptographer and security expert Bruce Schneier, where his key point was th(...)

What is Heartbleed? A major threat to the web; catastrophic; the w(...)

A programming mistake from two years ago has forced countless websites to make fixes to protect the sensitive personal information of consumers. Image: iStockphoto

Security experts have urged internet users not to panic and instantly change their passwords in wake of the Heartbleed programming bug, despite(...)

Despite Edward Snowden’s continuing revelations of secret data gathering, we show no signs of losing our collective appetite for creating and using data. Photograph: Reuters

On the drive into San Francisco, a huge billboard alongside Highway 101 states: “We’re all data nerds now.” It’s an advertisement for a t(...)

A paper from researchers at Georgetown University and the US Naval Research Laboratory (USNRL) has revealed that users of Tor – the privacy-protecting(...)