Catherine Costigan started practising MMA in the 1990s. Others told her she was “mental”. Photographh: Brian Gavin/Press 22

By her own admission, MMA fighter Catherine Costigan, is not a normal person. In fact, challenging convention is the theme of her life. She comes from(...)

Eoin O’Brien, martial arts master: “You have to prove yourself job by job”

Eoin O’Brien never thought that moving to Bangkok would lead to a career in action movies. He had originally been drawn to Thailand by the offer of a (...)

There are some musicians who know the value of keeping schtum and sticking to a task. While many acts favour using megaphone diplomacy when hyping (...)

It’s been a while. Wong Kar-Wai’s Ip Man biopic went into pre-production as long ago as 2008. Since then the project has been plagued by misfortune(...)

Given the nature of his work, it is not saying a great deal to report that the last film completed by the late Paul Walker brings no further shame to (...)

Run Run Shaw: the pioneering Hong Kong movie producer  has died at the age of 107. Photograph: Kin Cheung/AP Photo

Legendary Hong Kong media tycoon Sir Run Run Shaw, who created an entertainment empire in Asia that encompassed television and films, died yesterday a(...)

Sensory healing

If the thought of seeing large clouds in the form of smiley faces floating over the city spires appeals to your inner child – or your outer adult, for(...)

Round one . . . fight! When we were compiling this list we were surprised at how many games appeared from years and decades gone by and at the vari(...)

Beer bunnies at the Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival in Dublin’s RDS

Many of the festival adventures that have shimmied and skipped across this section of these pages have been steeped, soaked and stewed in beer suds. I(...)

“When I went home and saw my girlfriend and poured myself a glass of wine, and probably had a spliff and went to bed with my girlfriend for two days –(...)