Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly. File photograph: Dave Meehan

A “strong cultural resistance” from some local authorities and lenders is causing the mortgage-to-rent scheme to “struggle”, the Department of the (...)

Of 2,984 cases   put forward for the scheme just 110, or 3 per cent, have been completed. Photograph: Frank Miller

Householders in serious mortgage arrears who are in “the wrong” local authority area, face difficulties accessing the Government’s mortgage-to-rent s(...)

Richie Boucher: interviewed for NYT pullout

Speaking of US-Irish relations, the denizens of New York were treated, if that’s the word, to a celebration of our State’s economic exploits last week(...)

Brian O’Gorman:   said the firm’s policies and work practices had been shaped around promoting a culture of equal opportunities, diversity and inclusivity

Arthur Cox has won the Best Firm in Ireland prize at the European Women in Business Awards 2014. The awards, given by Euromoney Legal Media Group, whi(...)

Who runs Ireland?

THE POLITICIANS ENDA KENNY Taoiseach Kenny holds the most powerful political position in the land. He is chief of the Cabinet, has the f(...)

Minister of State for Housing Jan O’Sullivan:  “This is a very ambitious package”

The Government is seeking an estimated €100 million from the European Union structural funds to pay for the refurbishment of thousands of local author(...)

Arthur Cox grew its staff numbers by 10.6 per cent last year. Photograph: Kenneth O’Halloran

Some of Ireland’s biggest law firms grew significantly last year, with one increasing its solicitor(...)