The legacy left behind by the coalition of Fianna Fáil and the Green Party, which left office under a black cloud of economic calamity in 2011, could (...)

 Supporters of far-right Golden Dawn party outside the appeals court in Athens, Greece in 2014. The neo-fascist group recorded 500,000 votes in last September’s general election, seven per cent of the poll, returning 18 MPs. Photograph: Simela Pantzartzi/EPA

David Cameron says that if the referendum on British membership of the European Union returns a majority for leaving, it would take two years to negot(...)

Noel Dempsey: “At least 500km of the worst-performing water mains have been replaced. There is now a plan to deal with lead pipes.”

There’s a small town in Westmeath called Fore where locals say there are seven wonders; one of which is a river that flows uphill. There is of cour(...)

Controlled  explosion of the remains of Nelson’s Pillar in the small hours of March 14th, 1966. Photograph: Gordon Standing

March 1966. The Sixties are getting groovier. The war in Vietnam is intensifying. Eleanor Rigby and 19th Nervous Breakdown are in the UK charts (tho(...)

Josepha Madigan TD talks to beaten FG running mate Alan Shatter. Photograph: Barbara Lindberg

Fine Gael’s performance in the capital marked something of a bright spot for the party as it lost ground elsewhere across the country. It is now the m(...)

Fine Gael and Labour got what they thoroughly deserved. Almost every strand of their claims for re-election was bogus: The country was not broke when(...)

Leo Varadkar is greeted by his father Ashok at the Dublin West count centre. Photograph: Alan Betson

All eyes were on this constituency from early. A potential future leader of Fine Gael, a Tánaiste, a young, upcoming Fianna Fáil candidate and two lef(...)

In a word . . . Taxi

As a rule I sit in the back of taxis. In the past, to illustrate my commitment to equality and democracy, I would sit in the front. Back then I associ(...)

Margaret Thatcher complained that the “behaviour of the Irish authorities in the Ryan case sapped confidence in their willingness to combat terrorism in the spirit of the Anglo-Irish Agreement and made that Agreement appear to many as a hollow sham.” Photograph: PA Wire

The Irish authorities’ “total inability to act in a timely fashion” when it came to handing over to the UK those allegedly involved in terrorist activ(...)

 Tánaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton with deputy leader Alan Kelly, right, and Kevin Humphreys, Brendan Howlin and  Joe Costello during the Labour manifesto launch at St Laurence O’Toole Church at DIT in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

There were two central themes at the launch of the Labour manifesto in Dublin yesterday. One was the need to keep the party in government to ensure (...)