The most common type of fraud in Ireland, according to PwC, is asset misappropriation and/or stealing from a company

Most businesses have to contend with fraud, but trying to establish the scale of the problem is not easy. With many organisations reluctant to admit(...)

The  Courts Service chief executive has said the organisation is facing two more years of ‘scraping around looking for money’ to try and prevent their IT system from collapsing. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The head of the Courts Service has said the organisation is facing two more years of “scraping around looking for money” to try and prevent their outd(...)

The Ashley Madison leak exposed sensitive data, including intimate photographs that may have been sent through the website.

If ever there was a site that needed to be seen to take its security seriously, a website offering dating services for married people was it. So when (...)

Many companies still aren’t aware of their obligations to protect sensitive information

Data protection experts said a draft EU regulation announced this week should reduce the cost of compliance for some companies, but warned that many (...)

Lawyers, privacy activists, academics and other experts meet to discuss issues around digital privacy at the inaugural Digital Rights Europe conference in Dublin on Wednesday. Photograph: Thinkstock

Social media is increasingly being used by police authorities and citizens are essentially being used as tools to enable their own surveillance, a con(...)

Against the backdrop of Edward Snowden’s revelations of the UK’s GCHQ mass data-harvesting from cables linking Ireland to Britain and North America, t(...)

Compliance or lack thereof with the law on cookies is coming under fresh attention from Europe’s data protection authorities – five years after an (...)

Eye spy: contractors can be “passed a USB key” and money to supply company data, says Europol Cybercrime Centre adviser Brian Honan. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Last month it was reported that British intelligence agency MI5 had, in a series of high-level meetings, painted a worrying picture for leading Britis(...)

The US government has considerably stepped up the rhetoric in the last few weeks in relation to the Chinese hacking threat

US authorities are set to use visa restrictions to prevent Chinese nationals from attending major US hacking conferences DefCon and Black Hat in Las V(...)

Source Dublin IT security-focused event is expected to attract up to 100 international academic and IT security specialists

Banking malware, Android attacks and online ad bugs will feature heavily at the Source Dublin conference in Trinity College over the next two days. Th(...)