Kathleen Reynolds follows the coffin as it is carried from the Mansion House. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

At nearly 10pm on Saturday night, the queue to sympathise with an exhausted Kathleen Reynolds and her family was still moving slowly up the aisle of D(...)

Mirror writing: left-handers are celebrating a day of being left-handed. 0:45

It’s perhaps no more than a gimmicky celebration, but today, August 13th, is devoted to International Left Handers Day – when lefties everywhere get a(...)

Peter Coonan as David Drumm in The Guarantee

One of the two dramatic characters in the main picture above is a foul-mouthed egotist who is paranoid about his enemies and deeply entangled in the p(...)

The    gorgeous piece of skill from Shane Walsh for his first-half point spread like wildfire on social media.  Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

Tullamore will live forever in my mind as the place where I stole a prized piece of confectionery from the grasp of Brian Cowen. In May 2011, I was re(...)

 Former  junior minister of State Ivor Calley (centre) with members of his legal team outside Dublin Circuit Court yesterday.   Photograph: Collins Courts

Ivor Callely’s political life was long over before he was sentenced to five months in prison for submitting false expenses claims.Callely was never a (...)

 Fianna Fail’s Senator Marc MacSharry – “appears to hold that the rot started in 2000 when Ireland entered the eurozone so that’s where the inquiry should begin ....”   Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The irish Times

Thoughts turn to the banking inquiry and news that the projected spend is about €5 million while the budget is €3 million. Pfft to either, if that’s w(...)

 Sean Fitzpatrick: will be played by Morgan Jones in The Guarantee.  Photograph: Eric Luke

“It is a gripping drama of classical proportions, in which the tragic hero is Ireland,” says the press release for a film scheduled to begin productio(...)

Derek Moran: the senior civil servant selected as the preferred candidate to be new secretary general of the Department of Finance. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Derek Moran, the senior civil servant selected as the preferred candidate to be new secretary general of the Department of Finance, expressed confi(...)

Brian Cowen. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

The Taoiseach’s wish to make Ireland the best small country in the world in which to hold inquiries took a bit of a battering again yesterday. In the (...)

HSE director general Tony O’Brien. Photograph: David Sleator

For two organisations due to merge, Department of Health and the HSE show little sign of peaceful co-existence. The correspondence between their respe(...)