As many as 44 per cent of people surveyed about their use of spare cash said they would use any surplus to pay off debts, up 4 per centage points from July

The number of people putting money aside for a rainy day fell in August but most consumers are optimistic about their ability to save more over the co(...)

The proportion of people who say that government policy discourages saving continues to rise, increasing to 66 per cent in July, up from 65 per cent last month and 57 per cent a year ago.

More people are saving regularly despite low deposit rates and higher taxes on saving, a new survey shows. According to the Nationwide UK (Ireland)/ E(...)

The savings index fell slightly in April as the number of people who believe it is a good time to save their cash fell and negativity towards Governme(...)

Ten per cent of people in the survey said they were saving to buy or renovate a home, an increase from 6 per cent a year ago.

FIONA REDDAN Irish consumers are slowly returning to normal regular saving habits, a new survey shows. While the Nationwide UK (Ir(...)

Savings Index finds euro zone anxiety is driving consumers towards precautionary saving

Economic uncertainty is causing more people to save, a new survey has revealed. According to the Nationwide UK (Ireland)/ESRI Savings Ind(...)