Shareholder Mary Clarke from Wicklow speaking to David Duffy (left),  AIB chief executive and David Hodgkinson, chairman, AIB, at the agm yesterday. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It was probably a sign of the changed mood in Ireland these days that the battalion of pensioners marching through Ballsbridge yesterday morning wa(...)

there was a smaller turnout than recent years for Bank of Ireland’s annual general court in UCD yesterday. Photograph: David Sleator 2:28

It might have been the fine weather, the, ahem, early start, or a certain battle fatigue. Whatever the reason, there was a smaller turnout than(...)

David Hall (second left) protesting against the auction of “distressed” property in 2011. His Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation is involved in an initiative with AIB. photograph: alan betson

It’s gone a bit like Monty Python’s Life of Brian amongst the various pro-consumer groups jostling to be the voice of distressed mortgage holders.Some(...)

Keys, please

There will be a dramatic surge in home repossessions this year. Banks will move “distressed” borrowers, already struggling to make ends meet, from (...)