Data privacy activist Max Schrems told the National Data Protection Conference that data protection will move away from regulators and become a civil legal matter as it is the ‘only way to get results’. File photograph: Collins

Privacy complaints may move away from data protection regulators in favour of people taking civil legal actions because that is the “only way to get r(...)

Privacy concerns remain about a number of major infrastructure projects, including the introduction of postcodes and the primary school database, the Data Protection Commissioner has said

Privacy concerns remain about a number of major infrastructure projects, including the introduction of postcodes and the primary school database, the(...)

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon said some of the criticisms regarding her office’s lack of a Dublin base were ’probably merited’.

The Data Protection Commissioner’s office is to immediately begin recruiting 18 new staff for its planned new Dublin office and will eventually mor(...)

Irish Water appears to have shown no pro-active interest in contacting the department: it wasn’t until September 18th that John Tierney, chief executive of Irish Water, wrote to secretary general, Niamh O’Donoghue. Photograph: Eric Luke

The testy tone of some exchanges between Department of Social Protection officials and Irish Water about what officials said was the utility’s failure(...)

Minister Heather Humphreys: expressed concern at how the Data Protection Commissioner handled the issue relating to her department’s genealogy site. Photograph: Eric Luke

Minister for Heritage Heather Humphreys admonished the Data Protection Commissioner for comments made to the press after that office ordered her depar(...)

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The expected announcement of an increase in funding for the office of the Data Protection Commissioner did not come in Budget 2015 but the Department (...)

‘Right to be forgotten’ ruling by the European Court of Justice impacted on Google and intensified debate in Europe about data protection. Photograph: Reuters

The Government is expected to increase funding for the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in tomorrow’s budget, as it prepares to step-up inv(...)

Never have the issues of data protection and personal privacy had such high profile

What does Ireland need from its new Data Protection Commissioner?We now know who has replaced former Commissioner Billy Hawkes, who retired from the r(...)

Helen Dixon has been appointed the new Data Protection Commissioner.

The Government has announced the appointment of Helen Dixon as the new Data Protection Commissioner.Ms Dixon, who has previously held senior managemen(...)

Outgoing Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes in an interview with Centre for Irish and European Security director Sadhbh McCarthy at the Hibernian Club in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Do you know your data privacy rights? Whether the answer is “yes”, “not a clue” or “have never thought about it for more than two seconds”, retirin(...)