Light House Cinema, Saturday 20th, 6.30pm, 128 min Film, Samuel Beckett’s sole excursion into the medium, was, by the playwright’s own account, a f(...)

File photo of actress Billie Whitelaw who has died aged 82. Photograph: Edmond Terakopian/PA Wire

Actress Billie Whitelaw has died aged 82.She was famous for her roles in films including The Omen and worked alongside Irish playwright Samuel Beckett(...)

‘My director Natalie Abrahami banned any mention of Beckett’s most famous muse Billie Whitelaw from the rehearsal room,’ says actor Lisa Dwan of when she first played Not I. Photograph: Eric Luke

In 2005 in London, I came across the most unusual script I’d ever seen. The 10 or so pages looked like sheet music. Each phrase or word was separated (...)

Jaw-dropping: Lisa Dwan interprets Beckett

Samuel Beckett wrote significant works for Irish male voices: Krapp’s Last Tape specifically for Patrick Magee; Eh Joe for Jack McGowran. But Beckett (...)

Director Walter Asmus. Photograph: John Haynes

Long before he first met Samuel Beckett, the writer who would come to define his professional life, the genial German director Walter Asmus had rar(...)

ONE minute there was nothing much happening. Then it all happened. Hay Festival Kells came into the world, accompanied by the bang-bang-bang of a trio(...)

Actor Lisa Dwan: ‘ I can’t imagine ever again playing a role that will summon so much of me.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Lisa Dwan carries a blindfold around in her handbag. This is not because the diminutive 35-year-old from Athlone might, unexpectedly, need to sleep(...)