Gerry Adams: gave warning that ceasefire was not going to last. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

A senior American Congressman has recounted how he was warned by Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams in November 1995 that unless there was political move(...)

Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders’s populist surge has led some top Democrats to wonder if Barack Obama will have to step in and endorse her campaign. Photograph: Adrees Latif/Reuters

Hillary Clinton first grabbed the national spotlight 47 years ago as an idealistic young feminist, chiding the paternalistic establishment in her Well(...)

Election posters outside Government Buildings in Dublin as the 2016 general election campaign gets underway. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

It’s the economy, stupid. The de facto slogan for Bill Clinton’s 1992 US presidential campaign is just as relevant for the general election campaign t(...)

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders speaks during a campaign rally in Claremont on Tuesday. Photograph: Todd Heisler/The New York Times

The idea that young female voters would like to see a woman in the White House, yet they vote for a 74-year-old male senator, speaks volumes about the(...)

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos is on a three-day visit to Washington this week. Photograph: Guillermo Legaria/AFP/Getty Images

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos began a three-day visit to Washington this week to drum up support for his country’s peace process, and to par(...)

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio waves to supporters. Photograph:  Dave Kaup/Reuters

Donald Trump is a loser. He won’t like being called that but he is, missing out in Iowa’s caucuses, the crucial first vote in the Republican president(...)

Lucinda Williams: “Nobody would sign me because they didn’t know how to market me.” Photograph: David McClister

If there is one person who can make an album about a motorway interesting it is Lucinda Williams. All right, even though Interstate 20 sounds margina(...)

Cover story: Donald Trump, the Republican presidential hopeful, at a campaign event at the University of Iowa. Photograph: Eric Thayer/New York Times

Bernie Sanders’s coffee jar runneth over. Such is the support here in Iowa City for the socialist senator’s come-from-behind bid to run for the US pre(...)

 US actor Susan Sarandon listens as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appears on stage during a campaign appearance in Mason City, Iowa. Photograph: Eugene Garcia/EPA

Susan Sarandon, a long-time political activist, lit up the crowd at the Sondheim Centre for the Performing Arts in Fairfield on Thursday as she stump(...)

Hillary Clinton: with less than two weeks before the first ballots of the election are cast in Iowa, Clinton, who promised she would “work for every vote” is having to do just that. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stepped up her attacks on rival Bernie Sanders as a new poll gave him an eight-point lead in Iowa, t(...)