There were 60 styles of chair, from Rococo  and Gothic to Chinese- inspired, but the basic shape of the Chippendale chair is the same

For many Chippendale is the classic dining chair. Thomas Chippendale’s (1718-1779) name and fame have lasted down through the centuries largely becaus(...)

The Smeg fridge took off in the noughties,  right when open-plan kitchen/dining/livingroom became the favoured family layout

We know that Wallace and Gromit, those lovable claymation figures, don’t have a mean bone in their bodies (or any bones, come to think of it) so they (...)

When the owners of Merlyn, a substantial semi-detached house on 0.4 of an acre at No 4 Sydney Parade Avenue in Sandymount bought it 23 years ago, the(...)

Lloyd Loom chairs are still being made, after 99 years: you can find vintage versions in junk shops and at house clearance sales

What image pops into your mind when you hear that a chair is made from paper? Something experimental, maybe even architecturally avant garde? Most (...)

That this house, at 68 Park Avenue, Sandymount, has an all-weather tennis court in the back garden tells a great deal about the Dublin 4 property, no(...)

From left: chefs Gary O’Hanlon and Louise Lennox-Dessert, John Healy (maitre d) and chef Stephen McAllister from TV3’s “The Restaurant”, which is sponsored by Aldi

There are too few laughs on television, but with any luck Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip will be back on air next year, and the couple will on(...)

L-R Former RTE producer Betty Purcell. Women’s Podcast presenter Kathy Sheridan, broadcaster Alison O’Connor and Newstalk presenter Sarah Carey

If a national radio station featured a programme where 90 per cent of the voices were female, listeners would be shocked and say “what’s going on h(...)

Managing director of RTÉ Television Glen Killane:  He was responding to criticism from ‘Irish Times’ television reviewer Bernice Harrison about the lack of any returning drama series on RTÉ. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

“Paucity of funding” is to blame for a lack of Irish drama on RTÉ Television, its managing director, Glen Killane, told the Cork Film Festival. (...)

The launch of the first of five houses in the new Manorglen Properties development in Dartry is bound to attract good interest. Not least because of i(...)

When the owners of 4 Palmerston Gardens moved in nearly 40 years ago, the house was in fair condition but needed general updating and a peculiar sing(...)