The Hairy Lemon public house at Stephen Street, Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Well-known Dublin pub the Hairy Lemon was among a number of outlets served with food closure orders for breaches of food safety legislation by the Foo(...)

Food Safety Authority of Ireland ispectors found evidence of cockroaches, among other hazards, in food outlets. Photograph: Getty Images

Restaurants and food businesses are still being closed down temporarily because of the most basic lapses in hygiene, the Food Safety Authority of I(...)

One environmental health officer found two cockroach traps in a restaurant kitchen. “One trap held approximately 30 cockroaches, some still alive,” the health officer said

Cockroaches, dead rats and congealed blood were some of the reasons temporary closure orders were served on restaurants and food businesses during the(...)

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland yesterday published details of 19 enforcement orders served in May for breaches of food safety legislation. Paci(...)