A forty year-old Roma woman by the name Selini Sali or Eleftheria Dimolpoulou, a 39-year-old Roma man by the name of Christos Salis, and the girl known as “Maria” found living with them in central Greece. Photograph: Greek Police/Reuters

The young girl at the centre of an alleged abduction in Greece was handed over freely by her biological mother after her birth, a court was told yeste(...)

A poster of a four-year-old girl known as Maria, who was found living with a couple in a Roma camp in central Greece, is pictured in the office of the charity Smile of the Child, which is taking care of the child as police search for her biological parents. Photograph: Reuters/John Kolesidis

A Greek charity said yesterday that it was pursuing at least 10 “promising leads” – many from parents whose children had gone missing – following a(...)