‘I often take a much-talked-about book and recommend something similar but older. So for people buying Gone Girl [by Gillian Flynn], I might suggest Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca,’ says Bob Johnson of Dublin’s Gutter Bookshop. Above: Daphne Du Maurier

In 1934 Malcolm Cowley, literary editor of the New Republic magazine, had an idea. Having distributed copies of new books to his reviewers, he wond(...)

Stephen Hester: “Shortly to be relieved of one of the best rewarded and most hateful jobs in the UK: running the Royal Bank of Scotland. ‘It’s been a very bruising and difficult job,’ he admitted last week. Yet instead of feeling happy to be out of it, disappointment was written all over his face.” Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Last week I met a professor of office design who talked excitedly about creating visionary spaces for people to work in and filling the air with the s(...)