‘Seán MacBride  had sent an even more obsequious letter to archbishop McQuaid on his own election to the Dáil.’

It is difficult to believe how much the religious atmosphere of Ireland has changed over the lifetime of many of us. Life itself, of course, has chang(...)

Generous convictions: Victor Griffin. Photograph: Alan Betson

Dean Victor Griffin grows old in body but not in spirit. It becomes a man whom many see as the great dean of the 20th century. He had been at St Patri(...)

 Bing Crosby pictured in August 1967 with his horse, Dominion Day, which won the Blandford Stakes at the Curragh with trainer  Paddy Prendergast. Photograph: Dermot Barry/The Irish Times

Crooner Bing Crosby wrote to the Archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid requesting that he get Irish nuns to run a new hospital in California. Cros(...)

James Francis Lydon, who has died aged 85, was an outstanding Irish medieval historian. He openly asserted that he was a nationalist historian, to who(...)

A woman whose husband doesn’t like to see her enjoying herself was explaining to me the other day that enjoyment is a radical act which a large(...)