Our Brand is Crisis began life as a 2005 documentary that chronicled the Machiavellian marketing tactics employed by US company Greenberg Carville Sh(...)

Those of you properly hooked on Avenger juice had better enjoy the latest fix while you can. There won’t be another film in the extended franch(...)

 Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans at the UK premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier on March 20th

Even before one factors in the potentially baffling complications of Merlyn’s multiverse (ask a comic book fan then run away), the Marvelverse is a(...)

Review: The Fifth Estate

As long ago as War Games (1983), cinema was seen to get flustered in the face of this new-fangled, whatsit computer business. By Hackers (1995), the e(...)

Pain and Gain
Pain and Gain

Michael Bay’s broad comic account of roided-out wannabe gangsters and their crass attempts at extortion begins in media res as keystone criminal Danie(...)