Judge Anthony M Collins, who was appointed to the European General Court last month, will give his first public address since taking up the new role w(...)

File photograph of a pregnant woman.  The European Court of Justice has  issued a legal opinion on a landmark case involving an Irish teacher who claims she was unfairly denied paid adoption or maternity leave following the birth of her child through a surrogacy arrangement.  Photograph: Katie Collins/PA Wire

Legal uncertainty around the issue of surrogacy was revealed yesterday after the European Court of Justice said an Irish woman whose child was born th(...)

It is understood that Sean Donlon will resign his corporate directorships when he joins the EBRD in mid-July. He will also forgo his public pension for the duration of his appointment. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The Government is preparing to appoint Seán Donlon, former chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs, to Ireland’s seat on the board of the European (...)

The Government has nominated barrister Anthony M Collins for appointment as a judge of the European General Court. (...)