Marine Le Pen was able to claim, with some justice , that the second round of France’s local elections at the weekend saw the real embedding in(...)

Manuel Valls (51) has been compared with “New Labour” former British premier Tony Blair both for his pro-business ideas and his dashing style.  Photograph: Reuters

French president François Hollande chose centrist interior minister Manuel Valls as his new prime minister yesterday, a coalition source said, (...)

Anne Hidalgo, set to be elected first female mayor of Paris, talking to a passerby after voting in yesterday’s mayoral election. Photograph: Reuters

Paris looked set to elect its first female mayor last night, but the victory for socialist Anne Hidalgo was an isolated piece of good news for Pres(...)

First lady: Anne Hidalgo,  deputy mayor of Paris and Socialist Party candidate in the forthcoming mayoral election campaigning in a city  restaurant. Photograph: Philippe Wojazer

Parisians will elect a woman mayor for the first time on March 30th. The demography of the capital favours the current deputy mayor, 54-year-old Anne (...)

Deputy mayor of Paris  Anne Hidalgo:  “We must continue to fight the National Front. It is an extreme right-wing party, which I consider a danger to democracy.” Photograph: Gonzalo  Fuentes/Reuters

The ruling Socialist Party has reacted with alarm to the strong showing by the extreme right-wing National Front (FN) in a byelection in southern Fran(...)