Darina Barrett, KPMG Ireland head of financial services markets: “There is a lot of effort and responsibility required to verify whether a fund is compliant”

Fintech is one of the newer buzzwords to hit business lexicon and it means essentially what it says – the convergence of financial services and techno(...)

Senator John McCain. In a joint statement with senator Carl Levin, he said: “Ireland’s promise to reform its tax rules to stop multinationals from using Irish subsidiaries to escape or defer paying taxes anywhere in the world is encouraging.”

Two US senators who criticised Ireland’s laws for allowing American multinationals avoid tax have said important questions remain about how the Gove(...)

The primary lobbying mechanism for US multinationals in Ireland is the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, which makes an annual pre-budget s(...)

How do you encourage the next great invention? Many believe it would be achieved by introducing a tax credit for research and development. As t(...)