Baby booming: the staff of Portland Hospital with glam new mum Lu Hui

Aside from the baby bit, my maternity-hospital memories include my new runners being stolen from under the bed and the Grand National being on the TV (...)

Christy Moore: ‘Journey’ focuses on the stories behind his best-known songs.

“The old ballad singer used to carry the news,” says Christy Moore, neatly explaining his life’s mission in the two-part documentary Christy Moore: Jo(...)

“The absence of appropriate sexual education left women unequipped for the vagaries of reproduction” - Rhona Mahony. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

As the shots fired and almost 500 people died, babies continued to be born during the Rebellion of Easter 1916. This generation of babies would see th(...)

Gay Byrne was the first broadcaster in Ireland to instigate telephone technology as part of what we now know as ‘talkback radio’. Photograph: Alan Betson

“Gaybo changed Ireland: discuss!” That’s the question broadcast historian Dr Finola Doyle O’Neill set for herself, and her conclusion is emphatic. “G(...)

Prof Pat Dolan, head of the Unesco Child and Family Research Centre in NUI Galway: ‘Most of us take our family support for granted. You notice it only when you don’t have it.’  Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

One of the questions that went through the mind of Prof Pat Dolan when he heard about baby Maria, who was found abandoned on the side of a road in (...)

‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” As the fateful year loomed the easy temptation for columnists short of mat(...)

‘Have the men had enough?”In the Scottish Highlands, where my mother comes from, this was a well-known phrase used by the women at the end of meals be(...)

 The grotto in Granard, Co Longford, where 15-year-old Ann Lovett died after giving birth 30 years ago. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

In 1984, Ann Lovett, a 15-year-old girl, died alone after giving birth beside a Marian grotto in Co Longford. Her baby son died shortly after. It was (...)

Somebody got Ann Lovett pregnant. Somebody in her hometown of Granard, Co Longford. Somebody from out of town. Somebody who was her own age. Somebody (...)

Cruel, isn’t it? Our children are like winter woollens swollen with damp, having endured endless months of mist and rain and withering cold. For month(...)