Brother, can you spare a dime? Tim Cook’s base pay increased about 14.4 per cent to $2 million last year

Apple chief executive Tim Cook’s compensation rose 11.5 per cent to $10.3 million in 2015, a year when its sales grew 28 per cent and profits by 35 pe(...)

Next time you hear someone say: “This deal, we feel, is the right deal to go forward. In the go-forward scenario, we plan on doing the deal”, which was precisely the bull AOL’s Tim Armstrong spouted when it was bought by Verizon this year, don’t swallow it. Photograph: the New York Times

At this time of year, my mind naturally turns to guff. Every December I open the cupboard in which I store the worst examples of the year’s jargon and(...)

The 24-hour TechCrunch Disrupt “hackathon” in London last weekend
Planet Business

Image of the week: Round-table disruption There is beer, soft drinks, crisps but surprisingly little coffee in evidence at this meeting of like-min(...)

Angela Ahrendts, the former chief executive officer of London-based fashion retailer Burberry Group, was awarded $82.6 million in 2014. (Photograph: Peter Foley/Bloomberg)

Angela Ahrendts, Apple Inc.’s senior vice president of retail and online stores, was the highest-paid female executive in the US last year. The former(...)

People wait in front of the Apple Store in Tokyo’s Omotesando shopping district to get a glimpse of the new Apple Watch. Photograph: Toru Hanai/Reuters

Consumers in Australia flocked to Apple’s store in Sydney on Friday to get the world’s first up-close look at the tech giant’s smartwatch, which the c(...)

 Millennials, who have grown up interacting online, often get enjoyment from interactions through technology, by posting, messaging, forwarding and favouriting multiple times a day. They crave that connection and are, therefore, natural team players. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Millennials are often maligned for their constant technology use and obsession with the social approval signalled by likes, shares and retweets. But (...)

The Apple Watch is cool, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and it’s easy to use. But it’s not essential.

I’m in a meeting with 14 people, in mid-sentence, when I feel a tap-tap-tap on my wrist. I stop talking, tilt my head, and whip my arm aggressively in(...)

Apple published a letter from its chief executive, Timothy D Cook, alongside its diversity report. Mr Cook noted that Apple’s definition of diversity goes beyond ethnicity and gender and includes other personal qualities like sexual orientation, disabilities or veteran status.  Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Similar to other Silicon Valley tech companies, Apple has a workforce that is composed mostly of men, and most of them are white.The company this week(...)

Tiffany & Co reported earnings up 50% in first quarter. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Luxury retailers Tiffany and Burberry posted strong results yesterday despite ongoing challenges among mainstream players in the sector, which saw Ame(...)

Janet McCollum: as chief executive of Moy Park, she is, in effect, the North’s highest-ranking local female boss. Photograph: Paulo Fridman/Bloomberg

What do Marissa Mayer, Angela Ahrendts, Mairead Lavery and Janet McCollum all have in common?You’re probably familiar with Mayer, Yahoo’s chief execut(...)