Jon Ronson: tries to break down the hierarchy between interviewer and interviewees. Photograph: David Sleator

In the 1990s, the writer and television presenter Jon Ronson felt a furious rivalry with fellow bespectacled documentarian of the strange, Louis Th(...)

Singer Amanda Palmer photographed on Liffey Street where she surprised passers-by with a busking session. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

There’s a reason Palmer is lauded by everyone from industry experts to kids in the ‘burbs as an example of how an artist should connect with their (...)

A Femen activist is detained by a security man after staging a protest during a visit by Tunisian prime minister Ali Larayedh near the European Commission in Brussels last month. Photograph: Reuters/Laurent Dubrule

In Ireland the female body is a battleground. Perhaps, as we saw in the Dáil shenanigans last week, providing an opportunity for politicians – not lea(...)

It’s hard to avoid two words when the future of the music industry is being discussed. As labels, artists, distributors, agents, A&R, promoters, c(...)

As the Electric Picnic saga plays out in the courts, maybe it’s time for a complete re-think of the festival experience. How about tearing up t(...)