All I’m saying is, now more than ever parents don’t have time to teach tidying up so I reckon the schools should take over and Kondo’s bestseller is the obvious text book

Apparently ‘politics’ is going to be taught in Irish secondary schools at some point in the future. I’m sure there are lots of people lining(...)

Say what you will about John Grant, he is a songwriter who doggedly wears his heart on his sleeve. Over the course of two exceptional solo albums –(...)

Amanda Palmer on the streets of Dublin in 2013. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The ukulele may be the most offensive of non-instruments, but Amanda Palmer’s minimalist efforts do something towards reviving its credibility. Her op(...)

French parents never discipline or punish; they ‘educate’ in a loving manner, while also letting children know they are not the centre of their parents’ universe. Above, al fresco dining in France. Photograph: Philip Game/Lonely Planet via Getty Images

French parents have better- behaved children because they look after themselves first. The majority of babies are breastfed in the beginning, but i(...)

Chris Hadfield, the former astronaut and YouTube star who has 1.2 million Twitter followers, will become one of the first authors to try and sell their books directly on Twitter. (Photograph: Commander Chris Hadfield/YouTube)

Do tweets sell books? It has long been a question for publishers and authors, who have started relying heavily on social media to promote books as the(...)

Jon Ronson: tries to break down the hierarchy between interviewer and interviewees. Photograph: David Sleator

In the 1990s, the writer and television presenter Jon Ronson felt a furious rivalry with fellow bespectacled documentarian of the strange, Louis Th(...)

Singer Amanda Palmer photographed on Liffey Street where she surprised passers-by with a busking session. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

There’s a reason Palmer is lauded by everyone from industry experts to kids in the ‘burbs as an example of how an artist should connect with their (...)

A Femen activist is detained by a security man after staging a protest during a visit by Tunisian prime minister Ali Larayedh near the European Commission in Brussels last month. Photograph: Reuters/Laurent Dubrule

In Ireland the female body is a battleground. Perhaps, as we saw in the Dáil shenanigans last week, providing an opportunity for politicians – not lea(...)

It’s hard to avoid two words when the future of the music industry is being discussed. As labels, artists, distributors, agents, A&R, promoters, c(...)

As the Electric Picnic saga plays out in the courts, maybe it’s time for a complete re-think of the festival experience. How about tearing up t(...)