‘It would be a perfect hell for even death to be riddled with uncertainty, to be still thinking the same stupid thoughts.” Held hostage in a cell f(...)

Alice Munro: many writers refer to her as the person who made them want to write. Above: Munro at Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Peter Morrison/AP Photo

Readers and writers throughout the world will celebrate the awarding of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature to the revered Canadian storyteller Ali(...)

A 2007 file photograph of Canadian writer Alice Munro, who has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Photograph: Mike Cassese/Reuters

Canadian writer Alice Munro has won this year’s Nobel Prize in literature.The Swedish Academy, which selects Nobel literature winners, called her a “m(...)

Jhumpa Lahiri: ‘American? Indian? I don’t know what these words mean. I’m asked where I am from. I’m from nowhere, I always was, but now I am happy knowing it.’ Photograph: Frank Miller

It all looks so easy: winning a Pulitzer Prize with her first book, a collection of short stories; then her debut novel is made into a movie, while he(...)