Coming after the masterpiece that was Rear Window and a few years before the late purple patch that began with Vertigo, To Catch a Thief (1955) occupi(...)

Perched above terraced gardens dropping down to the banks of the Argideen river, near Clonakilty, Lisselan House cuts a fairy tale dash. It was built (...)

It may be an accident, but this neat, horrible, very enjoyable mid-budget thriller looks to have an antecedent in Roald Dahl’s 1948 story Man from the(...)

Rosanna Davison – as Miss World it was part of her contract not to change her hair colour for a year. Photograph: Alan Betson

Next time you are on a dancefloor or queuing in a bank, do a headcount of the women. The heads will merge into one many-headed dyed blonde. Highlighti(...)


For the first two scenes of Olivier Dahan’s peculiar hagiography of Princess Grace, the director shoots his heroine from the rear. Nicole Kidman manag(...)

Just like that comedian: David Threlfall as Tommy Cooper.Photograph: Robert Viglaskyâ

For decades the comedian Tommy Cooper was one of the most impersonated stars: a hoarse “just like that”, a shrug of the shoulders, the machine-gun (...)

John Michael McDonagh’s problematic follow-up to The Guard begins with an ingenious, arrest(...)

The Godfather Part II

It is a commonplace of cinema distribution that, though people always say they want to see more vintage titles on the big screen, the masses st(...)

A swan applies his make-up. Photograph: Peter Neill

The most famous thing about Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake is the trousers. The all-male corps de ballet dances bare-chested wearing what look like feathe(...)

Oscar-winning actress Joan Fontaine

Oscar-winning actor Joan Fontaine, who has died aged 96, was one of the last of the leading ladies from Hollywood’s golden age. Her life was marked by(...)