Anti-abortion protesters rally in Madrid  last year. Some believe the proposed reforms are too timid. Photograph: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Spain’s government has presented a new abortion Bill just months after its previous attempt to reform the law sparked a political storm. However, alt(...)

Volunteers at the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory laboratory in Ponferrada. In common with her colleagues, Nuria Maqueda (left) is unable to find paid employument and now works full-time as a volunteer identifying mass graves containing anonymous victims of the civil war. Photogragh: Guy Hedgecoe

Nuria Maqueda is carefully cleaning the dirt off a bone with a small, fine-toothed brush. She still doesn’t kno(...)

Catalonia’s president Artur Mas, with other regional party leaders, speaks during a news conference on Thursday announcing the date for a referendum on Catalan independence referendum. Photograph: Reuters

The leaders of Catalan pro- independence parties have agreed on the content and date of a referendum they plan to hold next year on breaking away from(...)

Spain’s  Constitutional Court is in the process of examining an appeal against the current abortion  law by the governing Partido Popular, led by  Mariano Rajoy. Photograph: Reuters/Juan Medina

The Spanish government is being accused of turning back the clock to the repressive era of the Franco d(...)