Aidan Heavey:   said Tullow’s plan was to sell off stakes in some of its biggest projects over time, such as those in Kenya and Ghana. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Aidan Heavey, chief executive of exploration company Tullow Oil, has suggested it may sell some of its prize assets in the future to generate returns (...)

Tullow chief executive Aidan Heavey

Irish-founded oil and gas explorer Tullow has announced revenues of $1.6 billion for 2015, down 27 per cent on the $2.2 billion recorded a year earlie(...)

Aidan Heavey, Tullow chief executive, said: “We have made excellent progress on the development of the Ten project, which is on track to begin production in the middle of 2016, and we expect the group to be producing around 100,000 barrels per day in west Africa in 2017.”

Tullow Oil has slashed its capital expenditure amid write-offs totalling at least $915 million this year, as the company contends with oil prices that(...)

Tullow, which is listed on the London, Irish and Ghanaian stock exchanges, has interests in over 125 exploration and production licences across 22 countries

Irish-founded oil and gas explorer Tullow Oil is expecting to report revenues of $1.6 billion(€1.47m) for 2015, down 28 per cent on the $2.2 billion r(...)

Tullow said the business remained well funded with unutilised debt capacity and free cash expected to be approximately $1.7 billion at the year end

Tullow Oil has said it expects to generate $1 billion (€93m) in pre-tax operating cash this year and for net debt to be at $4.2 billion (€3.9bn). The(...)

Tullow Oil says it will plug and leave the Spari-1 well in Suriname and the Salander hole in Norway.

Tullow Oil will abandon offshore wells in Suriname and Norway after it failed to find any oil or gas. The company will plug and leave the Spari-1 wel(...)

Tullow chief executive Aidan Heavey said revenue was lower due to the fall in oil prices and asset sales.

Aidan Heavey, the chief executive of Tullow Oil, said the financial benefits of the company’s recent restructuring plan will become apparent in the se(...)

Last year the group recorded a contingent liability of $265 million in relation to the dispute

Irish exploration group Tullow Oil is to pay an additional $108 million (€94.7m) to the Ugandan government to settle a capital gains tax dispute. Ugan(...)

Aidan Heavey, chief executive, Tullow: “We have always been aggressive in chasing acquisitions in downturns.”

Mark Paul, Business Affairs CorrespondentAidan Heavey, the chief executive of Tullow Oil, says the company has spare financial resources of $1 billion(...)

Aidan Heavey says it’s a ‘buyer’s market’ for farm-ins Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times May 28th-09

Tullow Oil, the Africa-focused oil group that has been a perennial takeover target, is itself seeking acquisitions across the continent after crude pr(...)