Andrew Graydon: ‘I will be an Irishman who studied English in the US teaching children in China. I’m putting myself in a position to be lost again.’

In August 2008 on the advice of my ma, and lent redundancy money of my da, I travelled to Durango, Colorado, where I had been accepted to study at (...)

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old student from Irving, Texas, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on October 20th. Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

Lawyers for a 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested after taking a home made clock to his Texas school say he was publicly mistreated and deserves 15 millio(...)

US Republican candidate Dr Ben Carson on Syrian refugees: “If there’s a rabid dog running around in your neighbourhood, you’re probably not going to assume something good about that dog. It doesn’t mean you hate all dogs, but you’re putting your intellect into motion.” Photograph: Chris Keane/Reuters

Republicans were tripping over themselves this week to ratchet up the anti-refugee rhetoric in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, targeting Syrian mi(...)

The glut has seen Iraqi crude grades selling as low as $30 a barrel

Brent crude oil futures edged higher on Friday but were still trading near three-month lows as the pressure of a persistent supply glut weighed on pri(...)

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Tennessee that he would “build a big, beautiful safe zone” inside Syria where people could find refuge.  Photograph: Wade Payne/AP

More than half of America’s states are refusing to accept Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks as Republican presidential contenders propo(...)

A poster celebrating Dan Donnelly.

Sir Daniel Donnelly was buried in Bully’s Acre, in the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, but not for long. Grave robbing was big busines(...)

A Democratic Party supporter in Louisville takes down a sign supporting Jack Conway, the defeated candidate in the Kentucky governorship election. Photograph: Philip Scott Andrew/The New York Times

A California state politician, a Democrat from the San Francisco Bay area, wants a Bill passed that would allow people to take selfies while castin(...)

Whether social media is good or bad for us is a tricky question, says neuroscientist Dr David Eagleman. Illustration: Getty Images

Twitter is like catnip for the brain, while Google can actually make us smarter, says neuroscientist Dr David Eagleman. Dr Eagleman works from his l(...)

 Nico Sell, Wickr & Wickr Foundation, on the Code Stage on the last day  of the 2015 Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin. “Laconic and iconic hacker/artist/company founder of messaging app Wickr Nico Sell says every company should hire hackers to try to break their service.” Photograph: Sam Barnes/Sportsfile/Web Summit

It’s Thursday, the last day of the last Web Summit in Ireland. Maybe. Crowds have thinned noticeably, but that just means you can push past people, ra(...)

Mayor Annise Parker of Houston. “I absolutely fear there will be a direct economic backlash.” Photograph:  Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Houston voters soundly rejected the city’s embattled equal rights law on Tuesday in one of the most heated local political contests in recent memory. (...)