Buskers on  Grafton Street.  New bylaws would require buskers to pay to perform on Dublin’s streets and would set time limits on performances. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons. 3:23

Buskers will be banned from Temple Bar but will be allowed to perform on Grafton Street until 1am if new bylaws are approved by Dublin City Council. T(...)

Maybe the intrepid winter tourists think this city is romantic and characterful and boho. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

I walked through Dublin’s Temple Bar the other night in the drizzle. I was cold, shivering under layers of black drapery and my second-hand coat. The (...)

At Exchange Dublin all decisions are made collectively. Photograph: Dave Meehan

At Exchange Dublin, a free space run by an arts co-operative on Exchange Street in west Temple Bar, all decisions are made collectively. Participants (...)

Jay Bourke: negotiating on behalf of Nede to take over Charlie’s II takeaway

Stubbornness, thy name is Jay Bourke. Battered and bruised, bloody but unbowed, and with several enemies as well as friends in Dublin’s bar and restau(...)

Over the last few decades, we’ve worked harder than ever at dismantling unhelpful national stereotypes. You know the sort of thing. The Irish a(...)