W hatever happened to Skippy’s paw? In the 1960s’ Aussie TV series, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the FX department seemed limited to a kangaroo paw on t(...)

I type these words, large, fat snowflakes are fluttering icily from the sky like a scene out of Mother Goose. So, no kind of weather to garden out of(...)

A policeman holding a military type shotgun, one of 4,500 guns on display in Sydney in  1997 before being melted down. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

In the continuing debate over how to stop mass killings in the United States, Australia has become a familiar touchstone. President Barack Obama has c(...)

Philip Lynch: ‘While destructive catastrophic bushfires raged near the cities of Perth and Adelaide recently, we’ve endured a cold snap that brought snow 400 metres above sea level. We even had hailstones pinging on our veranda last week.’

The climate and me: The UN climate change conference, COP21, is currently underway in Paris. Each day over the course of the two-week summit, Irish p(...)

“Máire is ainm dom”: Philip Lynch with his daughter Molly; the Gaelic version of her name is her badge of honour

My daughter Molly is curious about Ireland. She often asks when we will go there. Her requests are hardly surprising, as she rightly regards herself a(...)

Eamon Ó Cuív: In July 2010 the island was officially handed over to Cork County Council on behalf of the Department of Justice by then minister for social protection. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Work is under way on a €5 million redevelopment of Spike Island off the coast of Cork. In July 2010 the island was officially handed over to Cork Co(...)

A shark has seriously injured a surfer in the latest attack to hit Australia’s central east coast. The 38-year-old man suffered life-threatening injur(...)

 Investigators suspect the debris found near Reunion Island could be that of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370. Photograph: How Foo Yeen/Getty Images

Vast, rotating currents sweeping the southern Indian Ocean could have deposited wreckage from a missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet near Africa, t(...)

The attack happened off the east coast near where a four and a half metre great white shark was seen on Friday. Stock photograph: Getty Images.

A woman watched her father being killed by a large shark while the pair were diving off the Australian island state of Tasmania, police said. The woma(...)

Philip Lynch in Tasmania: why would anyone choose to turn their backs on the adopted country that has given them a regular pay packet and a new lease of life, when Ireland had so little on the table in the first instance?

Back in 2013 the Irish abroad were invited home for the Gathering, which was nice for those who could afford to go. But now the ante’s being upped and(...)