Singapore’s broadcasting code says: “Music associated with drugs, alternative lifestyles (eg homosexuality) or the worship of the occult or the devil should not be broadcast.”

Singapore has banned a music video because it features same-sex marriage. Taiwanese Jolin Tsai’s hit song We’re All Different, Yet the Same has been b(...)

China’s President Xi Jinping (centre) poses for photos with guests at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank launch ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photograph: Takaki Yajima/Reuters

Last week saw the deadline to become a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a China-led lender aiming to provide loans (...)

Financial centre: Dublin still plays host to a huge funds industry, with the value of Irish-domiciled funds put at €1.3 trillion. Photograph: Frank Miller

Dublin’s standing as a global financial hub enjoyed something of a bounce in the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI). The city jumped 18 pla(...)

The Taiwan Lantern Festival and its spectacular light show.  Photograph: Peter Murtagh

Taiwan’s cross-island highway slices through the country’s north-south mountain range, linking the underpopulated, Pacific-facing east coast and th(...)

TransAsia  ATR-72 passenger aircrafts parked at Taipei’s Songshan Airport. 29 of the airline’s pilots have been suspended following proficiency tests instituted after last week’s fatal crash. Photograph: David Chang/EPA

The Taiwan government ordered all airlines to review their safety protocols after nearly half of the pilots trained to fly TransAsia’s ATR twin-engine(...)

The recovered wreckage of TransAsia Airways plane Flight GE235, which crashed into the Keelung River, in New Taipei City, Taiwan on February 5th, 2015. Photograph: REUTERS/Stringer

TransAsia Airways says all 71 of its ATR pilots have begun proficiency tests after one of the airline’s planes crashed into a river in Taiwan, killing(...)

Rescuers and divers search for missing passengers at the crash site of the Transasia turboprop plane in the Keelung river in New Taipei City in Taiwan. Photograph: Sam Yehsam Yeh/AFP/Getty Images 1:01

The crew of a twin-propeller TransAsia aircraft faced a problem with one engine but restarted the other, investigators said today as it emerged the(...)

The TransAsia pilot of  airplane that crashedin Taiwan,  was hailed as a hero for apparently battling to avoid hitting built-up areas shortly after issuing a “mayday” call 0:39

Taiwan rescuers scoured a river for 12 people still missing from a TransAsia plane crash Thursday as the pilot was hailed as a hero for apparently bat(...)

The fuselage of a TransAsia Airways passenger plane being lifted out of the Keelung River in Taipei, Taiwan, 4th February 2015. Photograph: EPA/Military News Agency/Handout 0:39

Rescuers used a crane to hoist a TransAsia Airways plane from a river in Taiwan’s capital as they searched for 18 people missing after a crash that ki(...)

The epicenter of the earthquake was 106km northeast of the Taiwan capital, Taipei.

A strong, 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck northeast off the island of Taiwan on Thursday, according to the US Geological Survey.It said the quake stru(...)