An electron microscope image of a zircon crystal

Geologists at Trinity College Dublin have discovered that the very oldest pieces of rock on Earth are to be found at the bottom of craters left by ast(...)

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau: his support for doctor-aided deaths is informed by the final days of his father, former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst

The government of prime minister Justin Trudeau introduced legislation on Thursday that will legalise physician-assisted death for Canadians with seri(...)

Despite having a decent level of Irish from a gaelscoil primary school, I never really thought too much about the language’s future until I first move(...)

When The Beauty Myth was published in 1990, Germaine Greer deemed it the most important feminist publication since The Female Eunuch. With the natura(...)

Rankin Sherling (centre) with the cadets in the Gaelic Club.

Perry County is the one of the least populated and poorest counties in Alabama. Living here is like living in a Faulkner novel. For years local Bapti(...)

John, a musician in the band The Abrams, met Alexandra, a teacher, more than 10 years ago at a hockey game in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. (...)

Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus always struck you as an act who were on the cusp of something fascinating, yet were never able to get a fix on j(...)

Izzy Armstrong, played by Cherylee Houston, buys cannabis in an upcoming episode of Coronation St. Picture: ITV

The spoiler stories in the tabloids tell that Izzy Armstrong will be arrested any day now for possession of cannabis. The way the police and prosecu(...)

Edgar Latulip went missing in 1986 and has been located after remembing his identity. Photograph: North American Missing Persons Network

A Canadian man who went missing nearly 30 years ago has solved his own missing persons case after suddenly remembering who he is. Edgar Latulip was (...)

The difference between what we pay and what people pay in other countries varied according to each wine. However, Ireland is comfortably the most expensive country in which to buy almost all of the wines I looked at

I often meet wine Irish Times readers who holiday in France and complain bitterly about the price of wine here. These are, I would imagine, mostly mo(...)