Readership patterns: imprinted on the Arctic snow by Charlie Bird

After about four months of complete darkness the sun has finally returned to this remarkable part of the globe, where I have lived for the past(...)

Why buying alcohol in Nunavut is a unique experience 3:08

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in northern Canada for more than three weeks. I spent the first one in Iqaluit, capital of the Inuit territory o(...)

Daylight saving: Charlie Bird with Jopee Kiguktak and his dog in Grise Fiord

In a way Grise Fiord, the village in the Canadian Arctic where I am living for a month, is like a small rural community in Ireland. You can wal(...)

Charlie Bird arrives at the top of the world 2:08

From the air it is hard to pick out the tiny hamlet of Grise Fiord. The small Twin Otter plane is flying over a frozen wasteland. Below, you can sp(...)

Voyager: the trip is a follow-up to Charlie Bird’s 2008 film. Photograph: Crossing the Line

In his first journalistic role since leaving RTÉ, Charlie Bird is preparing to spend a month in an Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic, to document(...)