Santa is hemmed in by the laws of physics, including one that says he can’t travel faster than the speed of light. Photograph: Per Breiehagen/Photographer’s Choice via Getty Images

Children have an insatiable curiosity, even to the point of driving their parents distracted with repeated questions that usually start with “why” or(...)

Two Irish adventurers from Cork and Kerry will attempt to reach the North Pole this season. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

The Irish adventurers who are making another attempt to reach the North Pole this season have spent a night in a freezer this week to test thei(...)

Handout photo of Gary Thornton, winning the UVU 2013 North Pole Marathon.  Photograph: Mike King/PA Wire

A Galway-based runner has won a marathon at the North Pole. Gary Thornton (33), a national school teacher who runs with the Galway City (...)