‘The many Church reform associations around the world should be appreciated as resources. They are concerned critics, not enemies. Their members typically have experience of family life and have reflected on it, some prayerfully.’ Photograph: Getty Images

A synod on the family entirely composed of celibate bishops is not only “bonkers”, as former president Mary McAleese has commented, it is dangerous. I(...)

Ebola is a recurring problem, yet the world seems unprepared. The response has been slow and unco-ordinated. Photograph: EPA/AHMED JALLANZO

Imagine two cities. In City A, town leaders notice that every few weeks a house catches fire. So they create a fire department – a group of profession(...)

 A woman walks past an Ebola awareness poster in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Residents in the country prepare for a nationwide three-day curfew that will allow health workers to conduct a door-to-door campaign sensitizing individuals on the Ebola virus and identifying those who may have already contracted it. Photograph: Tanya Bindra/EPA

The UN Security Council has declared the Ebola outbreak in Africa a “threat to international peace and security” and called on all states to provide u(...)

Senator Rónán Mullen speaking to assylum seakers in Direct Provision at Mosney and Portlaoise (LtoR) Hamalys Akyamba, Ben Kwanzi, Maurice Kiesse, Greg Straton Director of SPIRASI, Patricia Murambinda, Gerald Musekiwa, and Robert Fimbo from Zimbabwe and DRC before a private members motion in the Seanad on the day the Dáil returned to business after the summer recess. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Asylum seekers at a second Cork reception centre have begun a protest at the direct provision system - the fifth such centre nationally to see protest(...)

Liberians leading an awareness campaign about the deadly Ebola virus in Monrovia. An epidemic is raging in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and has spread into Nigeria and Senegal. Photograph: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

At least 2,630 people have died in the worst outbreak of Ebola virus in history, which has so far infected at least 5,357 people in West Africa, the W(...)

With just under 5,000 confirmed cases and over 2,450 deaths, the worst ever outbreak of the infectious disease Ebola continues to grow. Labelled a loo(...)

Despite the Heineken family’s  stance – it said it wanted to “preserve the heritage and identity of Heineken as an independent company” – it could come under pressure from other shareholders not to reject a future approach so swiftly. Photograph: Reuters/Stephen Hird

With a history stretching back 150 years, Heineken describes itself as “a proud, independent global brewer”. SABMiller, its bigger British rival, w(...)

Members of an Ebola burial team collect the body of a suspected Ebola victim from a home in Monrovia, Liberia. The WHO said  the number of afflicted patients was increasing exponentially and that nearly all the country has confirmed cases and that all new treatment facilities are overwhelmed. Photograph: Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times

Liberia, the country worst hit by West Africa’s Ebola epidemic, should see thousands of new cases in coming weeks as the virus spreads exponentially, (...)

Medical staff carry a boy (8) who is suspected of having Ebola, into a treatment facility in Monrovia, Liberia. Yesterday Ebola - the reality and the hysteria over it - is having a serious economic impact on Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, three nations already at the bottom of global economic and social indicators. Sierra Leone is planning  a four-day nationwide ’lockdown’  in a bid to contain the  outbreak. Photograph: New York Times

Sierra Leone plans to impose a four-day nationwide “lockdown” this month in a bid to contain the spread of the biggest ever outbreak of Ebola. (...)

Children watch as a healthcare worker disinfects their family home in Monrovia, Liberia. The European Union has promised €140 million in assistance to West African countries battling the Ebola outbreak. Photograph: Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times

The European Union has promised €140 million in assistance to bolster the overstretched health sectors of four West African nations struggling to halt(...)